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On the last Thursday of every month, we bring people together for a range of exciting (and free!) talks on topics relating to digital product development. We welcome everyone, no matter what stage you're at in your career. The FEL community is inclusive and thrives on being inspired, we invite you to come and share your knowledge and meet new people.

Whether you come for the pizza and drinks* or decide to sign up as a speaker, you are all invited to finish up the evening with a trip to our local pub!

*Veggie/vegan food options and non-alcoholic drink options are always catered for.

Talks this month

Jag Reehal  ·  @jagreehal

Build Components and not Walls

With a new JavaScript framework out at the end of every other week, it's difficult to know what's the right choice. Then when you finally decide, it can be a rollercoaster journey.

At the moment React is the king, before that it was Angular, before that Backbone. In this talk, I'll share my experience of building, sharing and reusing components that can be used with legacy, current and frameworks of the future.

Richard Ng  ·  @richardcrng

Redux-Leaves: write once, reduce anywhere!

With the new React-Redux hooks, Redux is now even more useful, powerful and great. But it can still be hard for new developers to learn, tedious for experienced developers to set up, and painful for code boilerplate and file structuring. What if we could make it easier for developers to get the use, power and great developer experience from Redux?

In this talk, I’ll introduce Redux-Leaves, a library that I wrote to make Redux simpler to learn and easier to scale. I’ll try to demonstrate the practical benefits of the library and how it particularly complements middleware like Redux-Thunk or Redux-Saga. I’ll also talk about my ongoing experience in writing the library, such as lessons learned in refactoring it into Typescript and 'Documentation-Driven Development'.

Jonathan Wagner  ·  @john_waitforit

Apps are dead - long live PWAs

Did you ever wish you could create a mobile app in JS working across desktop and mobile? PWAs are a great way to do this quickly with less deployment complexity, faster deployment and reduced developer resources.

PWAs are not limited by app stores rules and you can ship multiple times a day. Uber, Lyft, Tinder, Pinterest and Twitter did it and improved their mobile user stickiness massively. This talk will present what PWAs can do, their limitations and the problems I encountered developing one.

Past talks

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We love hearing from first-time and seasoned speakers alike. Get in touch if you’d like to bounce an idea for a talk of us, propose a topic, or recommend a speaker:

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