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On the last Thursday of every month, we bring people together for a range of exciting (and free!) talks on topics relating to digital product development. We welcome everyone, no matter what stage you're at in your career. The FEL community is inclusive and thrives on being inspired, we invite you to come and share your knowledge and meet new people.

Whether you come for the pizza and drinks* or decide to sign up as a speaker, you are all invited to finish up the evening with a trip to our local pub!

*Veggie/vegan food options and non-alcoholic drink options are always catered for.

Talks this month

Kristof Goossens  ·  @KristofGoossens

It is time for data to bring value

How do you build a successful data-driven product? Magic? A few data scientists? In his talk, Kristof, product designer at Made by Many will share what they learned building and launching a data-driven product from scratch.

Jonathan Fielding  ·  @jonthanfielding

Being eco-friendly with JavaScript

As developers we have access to huge amounts of data about the world around us. This talk will use live coding to look at the data of the world around us so we can better optimise our lives to be eco-friendly.

Jo Franchetti  ·  @thisisjofrank

Perfectionism, Impostor Syndrome and Anxiety - Understanding your fears and learning to be kind to yourself

Ever felt like everyone knows more than you? Spent hours procrastinating rather than starting or finishing a project? Perfectionism, anxiety & impostor syndrome affect many people in the tech industry. Learn how to spot harmful thought patterns, how to avoid anxious spirals and be kind to yourself!

Past talks

Want to give a talk at FEL?

We love hearing from first-time and seasoned speakers alike. Get in touch if you’d like to bounce an idea for a talk off us, propose a topic, or recommend a speaker:

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